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Winter Wonderland: Dressing for the Cold Weather

Last week during the reading break, my boyfriend and I went on a road trip to Golden, BC. This trip inspired this week’s blog post, where I want to discuss dressing for the cold. I know it is hard to find the motivation to look cute when the weather forecast is in the negatives, the days are short, and you are stuck inside for most of the day. However, I often find that winter fashion is the best because you can always just layer a bulky jacket over top of a not-so-weather-appropriate outfit.

Here are some of my top tips to stay fashionable this winter season

Add a pop of colour

Just because the days are dim and dark does not mean your clothing has to be. In the winter, I find myself gravitating to darker and cooler tones. However, to add a little spice and fun to my outfits, I will always incorporate some sort of colour. For Christmas, my boyfriend got me this sensationally bright orange Carharrt beanie that came in handy this road trip.

Image of me at Lake Louise

Add a Puffer Jacket

A few years ago, Aritzia revolutionized the winter fashion game when it came out with the super puff. It is safe to say that the super puff jacket is this season’s wardrobe staple. I own two different variations of the super puff, including the original one in taupe and the cloud puff in green. I love this style of jacket because it keeps you warm while allowing you to stay fashionable. I enjoy styling it with a turtle neck sweater, mini skirt, and sheer tights.

Image from @Aritzia on Instagram

Don’t forget your accessorizes

Growing up, I hated it when my mom would force me to wear scarves, mittens, and toques. I always felt suffocated with so many layers. However, as you grow up, you learn to realize that your mother always knows best. Now I cannot imagine leaving the house without at least a scarf. I love chunky and colourful scarves such as this one from Acne Studios.

Image from @linmick on Instagram

Sunglasses are NOT just for summer

If you have ever been to the snowy mountains on a sunny day, you know the importance of sunglasses. It is imperative to know that even in the winter months, bright UV exposure can cause photokeratitis. Photokeratitis is commonly referred to as snow blindness and can be very harmful. That is why you must always pack a pair of sunnies. In the winter, I go for an all-black frame as they pair nicely with everything.

No source

Your Grandma’s chunky knits are essentials

2021 trend prediction here! This recent winter season, I have been seeing chunky knit sweaters all over Pinterest. I also have recently started following Lindsay Vrckovnik on Instagram. I fell in love with her hip and trendy fashion taste. Her Instagram feed includes photos of hand-made knits, avantgarde lace dresses, and hand-dyed shirts. She is the queen of chunky over-sized knit sweaters, and I am definitely taking notes on her styling choices.

Image from @linmick on Instagram


Are you experiencing colder-than-average temps right now? Do you have any tips for dressing warm while maintaining a chic aesthetic? Let me know in the comments!


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