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Trend Report: Javiera’s Current favourites


MiuMiu is a fashion brand that I’ve recently become obsessed with. I’ve recently spotted all of my favourite fashion influencers, from Olivia Neill to Amelie Zilber to Mia Regan, walking around in MiuMiu. I originally became aware of this brand through Twitter, where their marketing efforts that circulated the popular microblogging platform did an excellent job of capturing my eye. The campaign was called MiuMiu Confidential, and it was a marketing campaign created by the brand to promote its Miu Confidential handbag. It was a series of short films that you can check out here. The idea for the campaign was to capture the essence of a women’s handbag as a confidant, Pandora‚Äôs box of feminine mystery and intrigue. Moreover, ever since this campaign this brand has imprinted in my mind and is a brand that I see taking the spotlight this spring/ summer 2022.

Red Lips

Another current favourite is red lipstick. A few months ago, my lovely boyfriend gifted me this beautiful and iconic red lipstick from Gucci. I expressed to him that as we prepare to go on our next journey of living in Costa Rica, I wanted a signature lip colour. With that in mind, he went to the nearest Sephora and purchased Gucci’s iconic red lip shade 25 in Goldie Red. This product has become a staple in my cosmetic bag since I frequently find myself adding a coat of lipstick and curling my lashes before heading out to dinner or a sunset stroll along the beach.  A red lip is appropriate for all seasons. Whether you want a vibrant lip colour to contrast with your tanned complexion in the summer or a stunning festive red lip to match your poinsettia centrepiece at the dinner table.

Realisation Par

A few months ago, Realisation Par collaborated with Claudia Schiffer. I absolutely adored this collection and its array of slip dresses, baby tees, and oversized t-shirts. The retro, ’90s-themed collection includes 13 limited-edition items inspired by Schiffer’s personal style and named after the supermodel’s near and dear ones. Realisation has been a very up-and-coming brand for fashionable It girls, with various fashion stars wearing it, including Devon Lee Carlson, Kaia Gerber, Lila Moss, and Clemmie Schiffer (Claudia’s daughter). Claudia mentioned in an interview that it was Clemmie who brought this brand to her notice and provided the inspiration for the legendary collaboration. Realisation Par always seems to strike the point with their partnerships, as seen by my obsession with their Elton John collection. This company understands what is in demand and constantly appears to provide customers precisely what they want (and need). All I know is that I desperately need to get my hands on the Clementine Noir dress.


When you first think of UGG boots you probably think of the 2010s when every suburban girl wore them with Lululemon yoga pants and a Victoria Secret hoodie. I always connotated ugg boots with fall and winter fashion, however, I recently learned that Ugg was created by Australian surfer Brian Smith when he moved to Southern California. By the mid-80s, UGG became a symbol of SoCal beach culture, gaining momentum through surf shops from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Adopted by the fashion elite and then the world, the brand has since expanded beyond the icon to shoes, apparel, and other goods. I am really into this revival trend; I was a UGG lover in middle school and I am still a fan in 2021. I’m thinking about getting myself a pair of slippers for Christmas so that I can wear them on the beach as well as in the winter when I have to return to Vancouver.


Javiera Guevara

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