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The Scandinavian Edit

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok, I’m sure you’ve heard of Matilda Djerf. Djerf has recently garnered notoriety with her fashion label Djerf Avenue. You might be wondering why it’s become so prominent? I believe this is because it perfectly encapsulates the Scandinavian aesthetic: comfortable, minimal, and playful.

It’s no secret that Scandinavian fashion is sweeping the world of fashion. The Scandinavian sense of style, which embodies the distinct essence of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland, is quickly becoming not just mine but everyone’s favourite.

Nordic clothing, defined by its simplicity and functionality, combines high-quality solid fabrics with elegant accessories and eloquent details to create ensembles that are both comfortable and stylish. The nordic style focuses on fashion staples that can be worn and loved endlessly, unlike the rapidly changing seasonal styles popular in the West. This article will examine prominent Scandinavian fashion themes to help you learn how to think and dress like a true Scandinavian, even if you aren’t one.

It’s more effective to keep things simple

The phrase “less is more” is frequently associated with the Scandi aesthetic. Given Scandinavians’ minimalistic approach, it’s safe to say that sticking to black, beige, and muted colours is a good bet. In an article with Harper’s Bazaar, Anna Winck states that “when it comes to style, the Swedes are not very crazy – most of the people dress in black, grey and nude tones”. A monochromatic black outfit or medium-wash jeans with a white blouse and a beige trenchcoat overtop is a great way to introduce Scandi influence into your wardrobe.

Classics as well as a bit of a statement

I’ve established that simple, closet staples like a white t-shirt and a black sweater can go a long way, however, it is critical to note that Scandinavians are also excellent at making a statement. “I love to implement colour pops in my otherwise black looks” Chrystelle Eriksberger, a notable figure in the Scandinavian fashion scene. She also suggests that people “can go very far with blue heels or a checked overcoat.” If you want to add a pop of colour or make a statement, I recommend investing in a piece made with quality materials and designs that will last.

The art of layering

As we all know, the Nordic countries are incredibly cold. Therefore, because of the weather, Scandinavians have perfected the use of layering for both comfort and wearability. When constructing an outfit, it is imperative to consider how each layer will appear as you remove each element. The most important thing is to have fun and mix patterns and textures that complement each other but also stand on their own.

Although this article focuses on prominent themes in Scandinavian fashion, the Scandinavian fashion scene is not limited to a single signature look. Even though we call it Scandinavian fashion, each country has its unique creative flair. Stockholmers, for example, dress very differently than Copenhageners. However, I hope this article showed that there are some distinguishing features that unite them into a single fashion subculture.

This is a TikTok to showcase some differences between Stockholm vs. Copenhagen fashion. Which style is your favourite? Drop a comment below!

TikTok by @outfitiinspoo


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