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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! For this first blog post I have decided to go more in-depth about myself.

My name is Javiera Guevara. I was born in Santiago, Chile. I moved to Canada when I was three years old with my mom, dad, and brother. I am currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University. I am majoring in Communications. I have always loved to write. Throughout my college career, I have learned to explain complex ideas and convey concise arguments. As well, I have learned to express myself through several different mediums such as writing, video, and images. After I graduate, I hope to travel and explore the world more. After I have a little fun I want to attain a master’s degree in digital advertising.

This next section will be a Q&A:

Q: Favourite designer?

A: So many incredible designers have been killing the fashion game. For Spring and Summer, I love Jacquemus. I love his effortless and chic south of France vibe! For Winter and Fall, I adore Hedi Slimane and his work for Saint Laurent.

Q: If you could only choose one accessory to use what would it be?

A: I would have to say jewelry. I love mixing different metals and layering. I can never leave my house without my everyday gold necklaces from Mejuri.

Q: Dream purse?

A: I have always wanted a Chanel purse! My dream purse would have be a silver Chanel classic flap. I like the elegant look mixed with a metallic colour to make it more modern.

Q: Favourite influencers to follow?

A: My two favourite influencers, I would have to say is Devon Lee Carlson and Emilia Muss. I always love looking at Devon’s Instagram for fashion inspiration. I have recently started following Emilia, she caught my eye on TikTok with her amazing vintage fashion sense.

@Devonleecarlson on Instagram

@emimusssssssss on TikTok

Q: What is one fashion trend you want to come back and one you never want back?

A: A fashion trend I would want to be revived is Juicy Couture tracksuits. I have been obsessed with monochromatic sweatsuits, I feel that Juicy Couture sweatsuits are just an elevated version. They are super comfy and stylish! For a trend, I do not want to come back in style… Um, I am not sure. I say this because if you would have asked me last year, I would say low waisted pants. However, now I can proudly say I own a few pair of pants that are low waisted. So for this question, I would have to say, never say never.

Q: what is your favourite store?

A: The thrift store! You can basically find any brand there, and it is better for the environment than shopping fast fashion. Also, love going through my mom’s closet and clothes from her earlier years!

And with that, I conclude my first post. I hope you enjoyed and learned a little bit more about me. I wanted to create this blog as a way for me to share my love for fashion and writing. Have a great day and stay safe!


Javiera Guevara

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