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Setup and Vision Board

This week I started working on my blog. I had some trouble getting started because when I was purchasing my URL I did not pay the extra $15 fee to own my domain. After several stressful hours of wondering why my website was not active, I figured out the issue and resolved it on reclaim hosting. In terms of installation and set up I looked through the different themes word press has to offer and decided on Fashion Stylist. When looking for a theme I was looking for something very chic yet clean, I wanted the theme to be very simple so I could add fun graphics. When looking for ideas for how I wanted my blog to look like I got inspiration from other fashion bloggers such as The Blonde Salad, Emma Rose style, and Caro Daur. I really liked Chiara Ferragni’s website for The Blonde Salad. I thought the bright pink logo was very eye-catching and inspired by my accent colour to be bright pink.

I also made a vision board for how what I want my blog to encompass and that best reflects my wishes for my online self or personal cyberinfrastructure. A vision board is defined as a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. In my publishing 101 class, we were tasked to create a vision board that best reflects our wishes for our online self or personal cyberinfrastructure. After some deep thinking and browsing Pinterest, I began to brainstorm some ideas. There are some pictures of runways and styling related images since this blog is heavily based on fashion. In terms of aesthetics, I have been loving vibrant and bright colours. My favourite colour combination is pink, yellow, and red. I want my blog to be a positive domain where I share and discuss my take on fashion.


Javiera Guevara

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